The agri-food industry in Verona

The agri-food sector in Verona involves numerous farms and companies of all sizes that deal with the production, processing, marketing and distribution of foodstuffs, as well as being involved in the culture of food and education.
Much appreciated among the segment’s products in the Verona area, is the contribution to the rice market by the high quality Vialone Nano variety, which has been given Protected Geographic Indication status by the European Community.
Vialone Nano Veronese is the result of a long process of hybridization and careful selection.
Wine is doubtless the predominant export from Verona. The province of Verona makes fine flowery and fragrant whites with fruity aromas such as Soave, Custoza, Lugana, Durello and Valdadige, and then there are the well-structured reds with hints of forest fruits and oriental spices such as Bardolino, Valpolicella and Amarone.
The dessert wine Recioto di Soave has intriguing candied fruits and honey perfumes while the Recioto della Valpolicella has an exciting mix of forest fruits and liquorice.The Verona wine menu, including also DOC Garda and Arcole, may truly be regarded as “complete”.
Highlight of the production of Verona's area, the extra virgin olive oil is produced in the vast area that by the slopes of the Monti Lessini goes down to Valeggio sul Mincio through the territories of many towns that look at various altitudes on the Verona side of Lake Garda.
Monte Veronese cheese is made exclusively in the hills of the Lessinia and on Monte Baldo. This too obtained EU recognition and hence protected origin certification as far back as 1993 and is sold in three forms, ranging from young to mature.
This cheese is appreciated for its intense aroma, its full yet delicate flavour and its easy digestibility.
The confectionery industry is particularly active here with such famous products as “panettone”, “pandoro” and the easter “colomba” cake. The industry is well coordinated and the large leading companies are supported by numerous ancillary ones that make Verona Italy’s most important town for the manufacture and sale of bakery products.
Finally, the fruit and vegetable sector enjoys a fine reputation for the high quality of its peaches, kiwi, apples,cherries, strawberries, melons and chestnuts, as regards fruit, and red radicchio, cabbage, asparagus, potatoes, mushroom and black truffles as regards vegetables.
It is clear just from these brief comments that the foodstuffs industry is a core sector for Verona, which has done much to raise the profile of the whole province and helped to give a positive image to the made in Italy brand.

In this website of the Verona Chamber of Commerce you can find a list of companies of the Verona's agri-food industry and their contacts.
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